About Versay 

We know your choice is difficult when choosing a partner to take your customer service to the next level. We never stop working to earn our customer's trust and loyalty and we're ready to do the same for you. 

Founded in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vail Systems, Versay is a team of professionals with backgrounds in speech recognition technology, software engineering, cognitive linguistics, user interaction design and solution consulting. We're located in Chicago, Austin, and Dallas with our sales office based in Denver.

We are focused on creating compelling customer experiences in the contact center channel while also cultivating a deep understanding of our client's business objectives and challenges. Versay starts every engagement with the primary goal of meeting our customer’s objectives and business needs by offering a comprehensive yet flexible solution portfolio:

  • Continuous application service management methodology covering all aspects of designing, improving, operating, and analyzing the performance of speech IVR application solutions in premise-based, hosted or hybrid environments
  • Focus on applying speech recognition and complementary technologies within a context-aware, user-centric design approach
  • Commitment to developing standards-based apps (e.g., VXML, CCXML, SIP/RTP), ensuring maximum portability across platforms and investment protection
  • Proven experience working with advanced speech technologies including SLM-based natural language (NL) and voice biometrics
  • Deep understanding of common CTI platforms including Cisco ICM and Avaya IC
  • Long-standing partnerships with leading technology providers: Nuance, Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, and IBM

Caller Experience

The thought and care put into the smallest details of a solution will be recognized and rewarded with each call.

Versay’s approach to speech-enabled self-service is founded on the belief that the caller experience ultimately determines the success of the application. Long held to be a "soft" benefit when evaluating customer service initiatives, customer satisfaction has been shown to directly impact return on investment. Although task completion rate and call containment has often been used to measure an initial return on investment, it is the caller experience that will ultimately determine the long-term success of any contact center IVR solution. If this is ignored, the effects can be dramatic, including lower automation rates (driven by uncooperative callers), lower customer service levels, and even customer flight. When the caller experience proves compelling, when it is designed with the user's preferences and context in mind, when it moves the caller quickly to their desired destination or task, when it "just works", callers will repeatedly use the system as an effective means of accomplishing what they intend to do... quickly and reliably. 

Industry Standards

Versay is a strong advocate of industry standards as a means for our clients to ensure maximum investment protection and independence when evaluating technology options. For example, Versay and its parent company, Vail Systems, are long-standing supporting members of the VoiceXML Forum and we have supported SIP/RTP protocols for VoIP telephony for over a decade. Standards provide measurable business value to our clients in the following ways:

Ensure application portability.

We believe that speech IVR applications should be independent of the underlying execution platform to ensure maximum portability, between platforms and between deployment environments (e.g., hosted, premise, blended).


Ensure flexible, modular architecture.

Choosing the right architecture for speech deployment is a critical success factor. Managed properly, standards help to prevent technology and vendor lock-in and give our clients the greatest number of options when considering the best architecture to suit their needs.


Leverage common infrastructure across channels.

IVR should not be a standalone silo in your IT organization. Rather, with a standards-based, services-oriented approach, Versay assists our clients in extending and increasing the value of their investments made  in other service channels. This approach has significant long-term benefits, including lower development and maintenance costs, greater flexibility in business rule management and faster time-to-market for future applications and services.

Taking the Next Step

To get to know one another better, we recommend setting up an initial meeting to understand your business and current needs and to answer any questions you have about Versay and our offerings. Sometimes a client is seeking to optimize or enhance an existing app, replace a legacy platform, or turn up service on a brand new solution. We are here to help you make the right decisions at every turn and to avoid common mistakes along the way.