Our Story

Versay was founded in 2002 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vail Systems, Inc. and is comprised of a world-class team with backgrounds in speech recognition technology, software engineering, cognitive linguistics, user interaction design and professional services. The company is focused on creating compelling experiences on the phone while also cultivating a deep understanding of our customer's business objectives and challenges. We help our clients with every aspect of designing, developing, and operating speech IVR applications within the overall context of the contact center. Versay starts every engagement with the primary goal of meeting our customer’s objectives and business needs with a comprehensive yet flexible set of service offerings.

Attention to customer experience is critical to long-term success

Versay’s experience with speech self-service is founded on the belief that the caller experience ultimately determines the success of the application. Long held to be a "soft" benefit when evaluating customer service initiatives, customer satisfaction has been shown to directly impact return on investment. Although task completion rate and call containment has often been used to measure an initial return on investment, it is the caller experience that will ultimately determine the long-term success of any contact center IVR solution. If this is ignored, the effects can be dramatic, including lower automation rates (driven by uncooperative callers), lower customer service levels, and even customer flight to competition. When the caller experience proves compelling, when it is designed with the user's preferences and immediate context in mind, when it moves the caller quickly to their desired destination or task, when it "just works", callers will repeatedly use the system as an effective means of self-service. The thought and care put into the solution will be recognized and will pay dividends down the road.

Contact Information

Phone: (888) 869-0121

Sales inquiries and general information: info@versay.com
24/7 technical support: support@versay.com

Twitter: @versay

General mailing address:
224 N. Desplaines Street, Suite 400
Chicago, Illinois 60661

Invoicing-related mailing address:
570 Lake-Cook Road, Suite 400
Deerfield, Illinois 60015

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Why Versay?

When evaluating Versay's services, we offer a number of business and technological advantages:

  • A comprehensive service offering that covers all aspects of designing, building and operating speech application solutions in a premise-based, hosted or hybrid environment
  • Focus and expertise applying speech recognition and complementary technology from a user-centric, context-sensitive perspective
  • Commitment to developing standards-based speech applications and grammars that are portable across platforms and provide investment protection
  • Successful deployment of natural language solutions utilizing advanced statistical language model (SLM) speech technology and semantic interpretation methodologies
  • Extensive experience integrating to multiple back-end systems and client databases using an open and extensible web services framework
  • Expertise integrating IVR applications to common CTI systems including Cisco ICM and Avaya IC
  • Leading provider of speech solutions based on SIP/RTP Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology
  • Strategic partnerships with industry leading speech technology providers including Nuance, Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, and IBM