CUE Analytics for Avaya IQ

Although some customers use CUE as a stand-alone solution, we designed CUE to work with existing reports.

CUE began as a way to surface application and customer interaction data that was once buried in multiple locations. The speech engine held the grammar performance data, the platform logs held the information on outcomes and transfer destination. We needed a solution to save time and energy tracking down post-deployment information.  And, we also knew this solution needed to be able to not only aggregate data from the application (e.g. IVR, Chatbot, Agent Performance applications) in real-time, but also it needed to be able to send answers back to the application.

CUE is the solution providing a clear dashboard to view the data and the decisive analytics to make your application smarter.

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The CUE Dashboard

The CUE dashboard offers a detailed portrait of your caller’s journey through your application and beyond. The dashboard is comprised of a family of independent, inter-related widgets that work together to help IT professionals and customer experience managers make informed decisions about their customers and to discover opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.


Use Existing API

Since Avaya IQ in receiving data in real-time, CUE is able to take advantage of that feature to have the application post to CUE.  The data sent to CUE may be just the additional data to be reported. However, we recommend a duplication of the data sent to Avaya IQ in addition to the specific KPI's and details not included in the standard Avaya IQ implementation. 


Works with AAEP

CUE will soon complete DevConnect certification for AAEP. 



The CUE dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your caller’s journey. While it was originally built to monitor IVR applications, its modular, widget-based framework can also be extended to capture enterprise-specific or application specific data and report on custom KPIs critical to the day-to-day operations of your business in any customer interaction. This dashboard based UI works well with existing scheduled reports to identify areas of concern or to find answers to commonly asked questions. 



CUE is built from the ground up with security and privacy as a top priority. The platform is secured in a PCI-compliant facility and all data traffic is transmitted over the HTTPS communication protocol. The developer has control and the logging of sensitive information can be disabled per dialog state.



The CUE dashboard is accessible on most browser-enabled devices and in an iPhone application. Not that we want you taking your work with you everywhere, but we liked knowing that some answers are at our fingertips and not locked in a large spreadsheet.


Predictive and Decisive

The CUE Toolkit goes beyond a clear and concise dashboard to view information. The application interaction with CUE is designed to be a two-way street. At specific points in the self-service customer journey, the application will ask CUE to provide a decision based on the information provided. This feature makes your application more personalized, more relevant and more intelligent - without the need for a new platform.