CUE Real-time Analytics

We built CUE to accomplish two important goals. First, CUE is a real-time reporting, data visualization, and analytics tool which allows unprecedented insight to how customers use self-service applications. At its core, CUE collects and aggregates data that describes what is happening at every turn. This data is published to a secure web dashboard and native iOS application, providing immediate visibility to what is going on right now and what trends are emerging over time. By making applications less complex and surfacing only those data streams that are relevant for a specific user, CUE can be used by a wide range of stakeholders—customer experience managers, IT teams, designers, developers, and project managers—to make better-informed decisions in a more timely manner and adjust strategy more quickly when needed.

CUE is also a next generation application development framework designed to facilitate proactive, personalized service in one integrated solution, regardless of the communications platform(s) our customers choose. Over time, CUE-enabled applications grow smarter and can be optionally configured to tap into contextual recommendations proactively and automatically served by the CUE API.