There are many paths to customer service.


Customers expect their journey to be effortless and seamless.



What do we mean when we say that we build communication experiences from any platform?

Historically, that meant we spent most of our time helping enterprises in their contact center design, develop and maintain their customer facing applications - what they hear when they call the 800 number, if you will.

But, the understanding of conversation has expanded beyond a phone-based interface to include correspondence through asynchronous text or a command to an in-home assistant:
"Hey, Google...Hey, Alexa...Hey, Siri...“

Conversation is everywhere. And our role in improving communication between the enterprise and the customer has expanded beyond the phone. As the Call Center evolved into the Contact Center, the understanding of customer service and customer experience (CX) have also evolved. Customers have a variety of unique needs and they have individual preferences for communication that may vary based on the moment.

Context is Key

We strongly believe that one size does not fit all, at the very least, minor tailoring is recommended. When we develop custom conversational interfaces, while we are able to reuse existing components, we draw upon previous experience, the enterprise requirements, and our knowledge of the current market and industry trends to design and develop a solution that is tailored to your specific business and customers’ needs.

When a customer is trying to make a purchase and the credit card is declined, they want choices to resolve the issue quickly.

Perhaps they are at home and will ask Alexa or Google to connect them to the bank.

Maybe they are in an airplane and would prefer a chat.

What if they are in the store and need to make a quick call and verify securely with their voice.

Understanding context and allowing customers to perform tasks across multiple device types is essential to building a successful customer experience. Our development team, in conjunction with our design staff, works with the enterprise to help develop and maintain self-service and customer routing solutions that are conversational and hyper-relevant.

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Versay is powered by a team with in-depth knowledge of conversational design, CTI integration, a passion for service design and a desire to reduce cognitive load. Our team understands that applications must be designed to align across channels and that customers should not have to feel burdened when seeking customer service.

    Our Application CV includes:
  • Inbound and Outbound self-service applications (Natural Language, Directed Dialog Speech IVR, DTMF)
  • Application On Demand - Visual IVR with phone connectivity to the contact center
  • Natural Language Routing Solutions
  • Alexa "Find My Phone" skill
  • Intelligent Assistant/Chatbots
  • Voice Biometric solutions
  • ...and more.