What do we mean when we say that we build communication experiences from any platform?

Historically, that meant we spent most of our time helping enterprises in their contact center design, develop and maintain their customer facing applications - what they hear when they call the 800 number, if you will. But, the understanding of conversation has expanded beyond a phone-based interface to include correspondence through asynchronous text or a command to an in-home assistant:

"Hey, Google...Hey, Alexa...Hey, Siri...“

Regardless of the device chosen by the end user, Versay designers bring years of contact center experience in linguistics, discourse analysis, human-computer interaction, and cognitive modeling. Versay believes understanding how people think and communicate is critical to fostering effective communication between end users and automated systems—whether using phone, text or intelligent assistant.

Conversation is everywhere. And our role in improving communication between the enterprise and the customer has expanded beyond the phone. As the Call Center evolved into the Contact Center, the understanding of customer service and customer experience (CX) have also evolved. Customers have a variety of unique needs and they have individual preferences for communication that may vary based on the moment.