Journey Mapping

Journey mapping helps determine what is happening with the customer at all touchpoints.  



Why Journey Mapping?

As one tool in the discipline of service design, a journey map is a visual representation of the steps a customer takes when interacting with your company to accomplish a goal. 

A journey mapping engagement is the appropriate tool for clients who are interested in learning more about how their customers "do" a specific task when working with your company. The purpose is to learn the steps taken, the channels traversed, the time spent...and to look for ways to improve that process.  

Successful journey maps have a business goal. The key stakeholders need to understand why they are doing a journey map and have a common understanding of what they hope to achieve. The keyword is specific. You have to know which specific task needs to be mapped.

Some areas that benefit from journey mapping include: 


Delivery / Unbox / Instructions / Assembly / On-boarding

Support / Renewal


Journey Mapping is research-based

What happens when you being a journey mapping engagement with Versay?

Each project is customized to the goals of the client. That said, each engagement contains a blend of the items described below.

There are times where clients don't know where to begin. In those cases, Versay performs a preliminary consulting effort focused on defining strategy or an overall goal for engagement.

During the pre-sales portion of the project, we determine the general focus of engagement and the broad methodology we will follow and what the client will receive at the conclusion of the study. Once the specific paths or tasks have been identified, the project may include some of the following:

  • Designing and conducting customer satisfaction surveys
  • Analyzing existing surveys and metrics
  • Designing and conducting focus groups and interviews
  • Analyzing existing market segments and landscape

From this, Versay documents the identified experience scenario from the point of view of the main persona and includes emotions, actions, mindsets as they traverse various the touchpoints and channels of the organization. 

Let's tell the story of your customers

The resulting journey map includes the story-like elements descried above and also identifies opportunities and insights for your organization. Insights and opportunities will evolve into action items that are assigned to owners in your organization. In turn, these action items will drive changes in your organization to positively impact the customer experience.