Versay Professional Services

Creating compelling customer service experiences

Versay Solutions provides industry leading consulting services. Versay is passionate about solving hard problems by pulling together the right tools and a team of experts to see opportunity in every challenge, to exceed expectations, and to tirelessly push the limits of what is possible. When working with Versay, customers are comfortable knowing Versay has them covered throughout the entire lifecycle of the solution. With 20+ years of contact center solutions experience, our team brings together the required skills as needed, from initial strategy and planning, through high-level and detailed design, followed by development and post-deployment optimization. Versay has the capacity to work closely with our clients to ensure the solution meets the business and technical requirements, leverages the best technologies available, and is implemented in a cost-effective, and sustainable, manner in order to protect past and future investments.

Versay is a professional services firm specializing in creating compelling customer service experiences. Combining our expertise in a full range of contact center-related technologies (e.g., natural language speech recognition, voice biometrics, speech analytics, CTI, and voice-over-IP telephony) with best practices in user interface design, service design, usability, and human factors research, we partner with our clients to manage every aspect of designing, building, and enhancing their customer care application solutions.

Our context-driven, user-centric design methodology goes beyond “one size fits all” thinking to cost-effectively and securely address the needs of widely varying audiences across varying products and service offerings, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

When working with clients, we prefer a collaborative engagement model where we work closely with internal teams across multiple business units and departments in order to obtain the best overall view into a given problem set or business initiative.

Below, you will find a summary of the services we offer, which can be contracted in an a-la-carte fashion or combined as part of our managed services program.

Service Design

When we talk with our clients to determine how to improve customer experience we begin with the basic premise that everything they do is a service. And the best way to think about their business is through the eyes of their customer. The overarching goal is to create a consistent, clear and efficient experience across the increasing number of ways customers communicate and interact with our client, depending on the goods and services they offer.

By evaluating the types of audiences and customers our clients serve, cataloging each of the channels available to them, and mapping how each customer can potentially traverse these touch points within the context of the whole organization, we develop an enterprise-wide, cross-functional customer service strategy. With Versay, your company will be equipped to provide integrated service to your customers on the device of their choice.  

Experience Mapping

We build each experience with a specific customer in mind. Moving beyond demographics, we gather data (or use existing customer feedback) to think about the mindset of the customer at that moment in time across multiple channels.

Through joint-discovery sessions with our clients, when discussing the omnichannel journey, we look to make each channel experience simple and convenient to use. We design journeys by understanding the customer goals and looking at all touchpoints in the journey to make sure they align with the customer’s expectations and that one touchpoint is not falling short of the other touchpoints.

While keeping the customer in mind, we work closely with the business owners to establish measurable goals at critical points in the journey. By using previously gathered quantitative and qualitative research and analytics or by utilizing research tools such as surveys or usability testing, for critical decisions, our design team measures the experience and works with each of the client’s internal teams to balance business goals with the customers’ goals. At the end of the project, Versay delivers a presentation along with a visual map of the customer’s experience across all channels.

Designing and Developing Conversational User Interfaces

Conversational User Interface systems are intent-driven. The customer may choose to have a speech (IVR, Intelligent Assistant -e.g. Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home) or a text-based conversation (Chat bot, Visual IVR). The goal is to build a solution that is straightforward and easy to use, one where your customer wants to communicate with it, and to ensure that each channel has the ability to share information across the enterprise.

Our IVR solutions include:

    Intelligent Assistant (Natural Language Understanding)
    Directed Dialog

As businesses grow increasingly more complex and enterprises expand to offer a wider range of products and services, there is an increasing need to accurately route incoming customer calls to the best possible destination — be it a qualified contact center specialist, a self-service application, or a specific individual or department at a given branch location or field office. Moreover, today customer service organization are increasingly heterogeneous, geographically distributed, and need to dynamically adapt to changes in business quickly and cost-effectively. This presents a challenge both in terms of cost management as well as maintaining and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Application Optimization

Our optimization projects are to ensure that the system functions effectively and remains optimized for the user group as the business needs evolve, the service rolls out geographically and as users become more experienced. With a Best Practices Evaluation, your existing application is reviewed by our team prior without the need to gather live customer data.  This type of optimization is useful when an application has not had a technical tuning for more than 4 years or when CSAT scores are low and there are no obvious speech engine performance issues. 

Once an application has undergone a Best Practices evaluation, it is recommended that full Technical Tuning is performed. Only through capturing, transcribing, and analyzing live caller utterances can the application be tuned for optimal performance. In general, Versay performs technical tuning on the application during the pilot phase and based upon the clients business on a regular basis post-deployment. Regardless of when tuning is performed, the technical tuning effort focuses on three principal areas: grammar, recognition, and dialog tuning.