Spotlight: Best Practices Review

When your customers spend too much time to complete a task, customer satisfaction is negatively impacted and your costs to handle the task are higher. It is a good idea to regularly review applications—even when they are considered high-performing—to uncover new opportunities to improve experience and contiue to improve key metrics, like resolution rates and time to service.

For example, a large financial services provider saw a planned application migration as an opportunity for Versay to provide a Best Practices Review, which included a basic analysis of their existing call flows, spot testing of speech recognition performance, and a review of application prompt wording. The Versay Report summarized where things looked good and highlighted areas to explore for potentially even better performance. The engagement was complete in less than ten days, with minimal impact to operations and IT management staff. While we took a close look at the application from our unique perspective, day-to-day business continued uninterrupted.

The client scheduled changes recommended in the Report and the overall task completion rate, the primary measure of success for this application, increased by approximately 3% while average handle time decreased as well. The client saved over $1 million in the first year alone.