Versay is a CX design and application solutions agency based in Chicago.

We help companies build compelling customer experiences on any communications platform.



Photo by Alex Shutin

About Versay

The Versay team combines best practices in conversational UX design with technical expertise in next generation communications technologies.

Our approach begins with a proven design methodology that strives to achieve an intuitive, easy to understand, and engaging user experience. Our designers bring expertise in linguistics, discourse analysis, human-computer interaction, and cognitive modeling. We believe understanding how people think and communicate verbally is critical to fostering effective interactions between end users and automated systems. 

Our developers deliver the technical knowledge to realize the full potential of natural language understanding and deep learning; speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice biometrics software; and analytics, web services, computer telephony, and voice-over-IP technologies.

Our project managers bring it all together with expertise in agile development and end-to-end application lifecycle management, and the skills to communicate effectively with colleagues in highly-specialized fields while ensuring the team is aligned with client goals at each turn in a project.

We don't have religion about any one technology. We are passionate about solving hard problems by pulling together the right tools and a team of experts to see opportunity in every challenge, exceed expectations, and tirelessly push the limits on what is possible.

Intuitive. Effortless. Engaging.



Customer Experience

Since our founding in 2002, we have advocated the importance of customer experience to the long-term success of any business. While cost savings has historically driven investments in automation and self-service, we believe it is equally important to ensure a system can be understood and used effectively. If customer experience is ignored or compromised, the consequences can be dramatic, including lower automation rates (driven by uncooperative users), lower customer satisfaction levels, and even customer flight.

When a customer service experience proves compelling, when it is designed with the user's individual context in mind, when it moves them quickly to their desired destination, when it "just works", customers will rely on the system as a preferred means to accomplish what they intend to do... quickly and predictably.


Our Solutions