CUE Analytics

Context-driven, personalized customer care.

CUE Analytics provides an in-depth view of your caller’s journey in real-time.

We built CUE to accomplish two important goals.

First, CUE is a real-time reporting, data visualization, and analytics tool which allows unprecedented insight to how customers use self-service applications. At its core, CUE collects and aggregates data that describes what is happening at every turn. This data is published to a secure web dashboard and native iOS application, providing immediate visibility to what is going on right now and what trends are emerging over time. By making applications less complex and surfacing only those data streams that are relevant for a specific user, CUE can be used by a wide range of stakeholders — customer experience managers, IT teams, designers, developers, and project managers — to make better-informed decisions in a more timely manner and adjust strategy more quickly when needed.

CUE is also a next generation application development framework designed to facilitate proactive, personalized service in one integrated solution, regardless of the communications platform(s) our customers choose. Over time, CUE-enabled applications grow smarter and can be optionally configured to tap into contextual recommendations proactively and automatically served by the CUE API.


While technology promises to simplify everyday life, today, when it comes to customer service, consumers have an ever-expanding and often confusing range of options to choose from when they need to connect with their service providers. They might ask:

“Should I call the company? What’s their number?”

“Can I just get my answer on Slack? Where would I even start?”

“I wonder if Alexa can help? Or Siri?”

“Did I download an app for that? Where did I put it?”

“Maybe I can just Google my question and see what I find?”

Each of these customer service channels are competing for attention and company resources and it can often be messy and a real challenge to manage the experience across and between them in a consistent, channel-appropriate manner.

CUE Analytics is modular and extensible so that our customers can tackle this challenge head-on. CUE supports data sourced from multiple application types, interaction models, and data streams associated with different channels. By centralizing data about these interactions, work flows can be completed more quickly and more intelligently.


CUE goes beyond traditional contact center reporting by providing a context-aware, user-centric view of your enterprise voice applications.

“How many callers are using the system right now?”

“How is my call volume trending?”

“Where and how are most of my customers exiting the application?”

“Are they confused in any particular areas? And how well are my menu grammars working?”

The CUE platform can answer these and other related questions quickly and accurately. We built the system to focus on the user experience first and to evaluate where, through options such as context-driven personalization, your application can be optimized to exceed your customer’s expectations on every call.

The CUE dashboard offers a detailed portrait of your caller’s journey through your application by collecting and interpreting data from various sources (e.g., turn-by-turn user events, speech engine in-grammar and out-of-grammar recognition values, and ANI-based location mapping). The dashboard is comprised of a family of independent, inter-related widgets that work together to help IT professionals and customer experience managers make informed decisions about their customers and to discover opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.


The CUE Analytics platform aggregates and analyzes application data in real-time to detect underlying call patterns and trends. This analysis is used to build contextual models and extrapolate future trends.


CUE is built from the ground up with security and privacy as a top priority. The platform is secured in a PCI-compliant facility and all data traffic is transmitted over the HTTPS communication protocol. In addition, logging of sensitive information can be disabled per dialog state and dashboard user account privileges can range from read-only to full admin functions.


The responsive CUE dashboard layout adapts to any screen size, allowing you to keep up with your current callers or browse trending information on-the-go from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. For an enhanced experience, iPhone and Apple Watch users may also download our app here.


The CUE dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your caller’s journey. Its modular, widget-based framework can also be extended to capture enterprise-specific or application specific data and report on custom KPIs critical to the day-to-day operations of your business.


CUE continuously collects and calculates in-depth speech engine performance metrics such as in-grammar and out-of-grammar recognition rates. Armed with this information, your team can quickly target those areas that will benefit from in-depth tuning and optimization, saving valuable time and money compared to traditional tuning cycles.


There are certain application events that require immediate attention. CUE gives you the option to receive email alerts when these critical events occur. You also can configure your dashboard to log “warnings” when non-critical thresholds are exceeded.



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